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2nd Verse/Chorus: Oct '84 - July '89

Agent Orange on drums, and Max Vol on bass, join Poison Girls

Work on a performance evening ,‘The Zany’, with Lance, Tony Allen and assorted friends.

December – More recording for ‘Songs of Praise’, which is eventually released on Xntrix Records.


1985 – First tour in Scandinavia and on through Germany and Holland

Vi and Richard start playing an occasional stripped down set, electric guitar and vocal, as ‘That Famous Subversa’

Synth Ethics leaves the band and is not replaced

A busy schedule leading to a summer of big festival gigs, notably Glastonbury, several GLC concerts and Vi’s 50th birthday celebrations at the Ritzy in Brixton.

Tours in America and Canada, Northern Europe, and back round Britain

Record ‘The Price of Grain’ 12’ EP at the Brent Black Music Co-op during August.

End the year exhausted and £5,000 in debt!

1986 – A quiet start to the year. The second half of the year sees two long European tours taking in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Yugoslavia and the Netherlands.


1987 – More ‘That Famous Subversa’ gigs and a long European Tour with Poison Girls.

A gig at ‘The Kob’ in Berlin recorded on 3rd October, on 16track for possible release. As yet it hasn’t seen public release


1988 – ‘Aids –The Musical’ gets its opening night, January 12th, at Chats Palace in East London. Poison Girls write 9 songs and provide the backing. Reviewed in the Guardian and the gay press. More productions follow during the year.

A long jaunt for Poison Girls around Britain later in the year


1989 – ‘Aids - The Musical’ and Poison Girls play the Melk Veg in Amsterdam

Poison Girls play a long European tour ending in May with the departure of Max Vol as bass player





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