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Cream Dream

O' my hunky white anglosaxon bully boys
You are soaked in syrup like a cherry
You are secure and have no lack of friends
Soaked in syrup like a cherry
You lean against the bar creaming and dreaming
The choicest fruits of the earth are on a plate at your feet
You can screw and eat bananas and play space invaders
Whenever you please ... o yeah

O' my spunky white beauty boys
You are bored to death
You are permitted to wank in public
As long as you keep your hands in your pockets.
You are bored to death
You can chew and wallow, and bite and swallow
On giant pornburger, mansize, cowhide, meatdreams
And stagger home flattered on real ale.
Real male ... o yeah

O’ my white daddytoy, babbyboy, oi oi bullybelly
You are all you have got
Wake up from the wet dream, cream bun, fun fair.
You are all you have got
Close the sunday papers, some day rapers
Close the dreamrags and open your eyes
Open your hearts and examine your blood supply.
You will need them both very soon

O’ my pacifist neochristian, lillywhite bullyboys
You cannot stand the sight of blood
You are drenched in the blood of your sisters and brothers.
You are drenched in blood
Your baby lips sucked on the dark breast
Of Africa, India, Arabia.
Black milk and honey
But it's brush off time now sonny
They're buttoning up their blouses now sonny
No more black milk and honey, for your lillywhite tummy, sonny
No more honey
For Grabbydaddy, Babbydaddy, Suckthumb, Fuckmum
Beebopdaloola bam bam boom


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