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Cry No More

I’m tired of crying
For the underprivileged
For the blacks, the women,
For even black women
I'm tired of crying
For the starving children
For the Irish,
I’m tired of crying
For the unemployed, the one eyed Jews,
I’m tired of crying
For refugees, for amputees,
I’m tired of crying
For the pain of the third world,
The poor unfortunates of Hiroshima, Bikini,
I’m tired of crying
America ... America,
I’m tired of crying for America.

I’m tired of crying
For collecting boxes, for noble causes,
For victims, more victims
Victims of violence, and protection,
Victims of privilege,
More violence, more victims
For teachers’ lies, for poisoned milk,
I’m tired of crying, it changes nothing
For the abuse of sex, the endless rape,
The decay, the decaying,
I’m tired of crying
For the broken, broken, broken hopes,
Broken hearts and promises
For the broken backs and the broken dreams,
I’m tired of crying
It’s a savage world
A savage world
I'm tired
And I just want to cry
For me.


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