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Does it fuck you up Jenny
Do they fuck you up Jenny
Are you fucked up Jenny
Do they fuck you up much Jenny
Can you call your soul
And your body your own
Have you got a shelter 
And is it a home Jenny?

Are you wrapped up Daddy
Have they wrapped you up Daddy
Are you tied up Daddy
Have they tied you up Daddy
Can you call your time
And your money your own
Have you got a shelter
And is it a home for Daddy?

Are you shacked up Mama
Has he packed you up Mama
Have you packed it in Mama
Why don’t you jack it in Mama
Is there cream on your cake
Is there jam on your bread
Have you got what you want
While you’re lying in bed Mama?

Are you locked up baby
Have they locked you up baby
Are you made up baby
Are you a make believe baby
Are you a make belive
In a gilded cage
Have you got a shelter
Or is it a cage for a baby?

Are you knocked up Jenny
Are you banged up Jenny
Are you screwed up Jenny
Nearly used up Jenny
Are you all stitched up
In the family way
Are you gonna make it
And can you make it pay


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