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Mandy is Having a Baby

She's not in her class at school
Teachers want to know why
She's starting to think in blue and pink
They'll never guess why

She's living in a high rise flat
She's up on the thirteenth floor
Playing with ashes as fairyland crashes
Secretly hoping for more

Mandy is having a baby
The hunters are out in the woods
American planes, fly over the lanes
Do you really think that they should
I'm asking you, 'cos I want to know
Do you really think that they should?

They're living in a picture book
In a cottage by a motorway
Dreaming of peace as the cars roar past
Just look the other way

They're living in a magazine dream
In a cottage by the motorway
He goes out while she stays in
Will the sun come out today?


Where's the Pleasure

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