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One Good Reason

Give me one good reason
To let your life just slip away
One good reason
Why I should waste another day
It's summertime
It's time to shake the air

Give me one good reason
For hiding all your sweet desires
One good reason
For damping down your forest fires
Burn it down the wire
For all to hear

What's a song like this
Doing on the radio?

Tell me what's your reason
You know you were born to have it
One good reason
It's your life so smash and grab it
Break the locks
And find the jungle now

See there's nothing up my sleeve
If you can't trust then just believe
Empty handed
Thats the way to leave
Leave your sorrows all behind
There's a brand new life to find
That's the way to be

Got a feeling
There's a bigger sea beyond
What's the use
Of drowning in the same old pond
Bite the hook
Three minutes are up
Bye bye

Whats a song like this
Doing on the radio?
A song like this
Playing on the radio
Whats a song like this
Doing on the radio?


One Good Reason / Cinnamon Garden

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