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Velvet Launderette

Seduction, sedation, it's the easy way
Seduction, sedation, all your anger slips away
Lean back now, relax now, it's a lover's dream
Give up now, give in now, no-one hears your velvet screams

We're so friendly, you can trust us, can you feel the velvet glove
Can you feel the fist of iron, it's a parody of love
Seduction, sedation, we stroke you with a velvet hand
A velvet finger pointing to the promised land

Step inside, we'll show you where the grass is always green
Our intentions are so friendly, silky satin, smooth as cream
Sexual engineering, you've been taken in
Don't you ever feel the velvet snag against your skin

Seduction, sedation, did we push or did you fall
In a voice so sweet and gentle
We tell you as you hit the floor
We mean no harm at all

We lash you with a velvet whip of ambition
As we lead you up against the wall
And in a voice so soft and gentle
Tell you as the shots ring out we mean no harm at all

Just step into the velvet launderette
You'll have an experience you really won't forget
You'll like it in the velvet launderette


Where's the Pleasure

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