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Whiskey Voice

Coming back from spending feeling
Beaten back by daring to beat
The rising cost of seduction -

Not only is it unlucky to step
On the cracks between the paving stones
It's not even safe to step on the spaces

Trying to remember
When the pain in my body
Became an everyday thing
Not just something to see the doctor about
Having read the piece in the paper about
How alcohol affects a woman's liver
A vital organic molestation
I'm sure I got the basic facts straight
What I really want
No joke
Is strong steady fingers rubbing my body
When I lie down, oh yes

Best keep your interest up Mrs.
Hang on to your looks a bit Mrs.
But mind them paving stones

Christ! the bottle's heavy
Maybe I should get them delivered


Where's the Pleasure

Are You Happy Now?

Statement - The Complete Recordings

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