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Poison Girls Vi and Famous


1stVerse/Chorus: 1979 – 1982

1979 - January 1979 saw the start of the partnership between Poison Girls and Crass. Over the next 2 years they were to play 97 gigs together, and Poison Girls played a further 50 odd by themselves. All but a handful were benefit gigs. All were outside commercial music business venues. This activity jump started the anarcho-punk movement as we know it today.

Played various tours around Britain, Holland.

‘Piano Lessons’ released as a Small Wonder/Xntrix co-release April 1st 1979

April 27/28th ‘Hex’ album recorded at Southern Studios, and released Friday 13th July

The height of the British Movement/National Front activity at punk gigs. Poison Girls gigs regularly targeted, most notably the Conway Hall in Holborn, and the Theatre Royal in the east end, and on one occasion at their home, Burleigh house.

First serious attention from the music press, Sounds article by Phil Sutcliffe, NME by Graham Locke November 1979.


1980 -‘Persons Unknown’ single recorded 9th Feb 1980, released May 17th on Crass records and sold 20,000 in the first week, with HMV destroying copies (which only helped)

‘Chappaquiddick Bridge’ album recording at Southern Studios, May 17th, 18th and 24th, 25th . Released late October

‘Promenade Immortelle / Dirty Work’ single recording at Southern, September 13th and 14th

Burleigh House eventually demolished December 1980 and the band relocates to Leytonstone in East London.


1981 - First tour in what was West Germany, and through the corridor to Berlin (still a landlocked western enclave behind the ‘iron curtain’).

Getting increasingly frustrated playing to only male punk crowds.

Bernhardt Rebours decides to leave the band and his last gig, also the last gig the band were to play with Crass, was recorded and later released as the live album ‘Total Exposure’. Recorded at Lasswade High School, by Cargo Studios, on 5th July and released in October 1981

Nil takes over the bass, and the band tour England, Wales and gigs in Dublin and Belfast as part of the ‘Total Exposure Tour’.


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