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Middle Eight: 1982 – Oct '84

1982 -A new era, with Chris Grace joining on bass, and 3 months writing the material for the ‘Where’s the Pleasure’ album. Recording started at Forest Studios on 12 April and moved to Southern on the 23rd. It was finished on 16 August after much deliberation. Exceptionally well received.

A short Dutch tour and gigs around the country, and end the year playing the legendary Zig Zag squat event.


1983 - And started making contact with ‘alternative cabaret’ artists, including poets Benjamin Zephaniah, Joolz and Seething Wells, comedians Tony Allen, Ben Elton, Andy de la Tour and Mark Miwurdz, musicians Akimbo, Janice Perry and Tymon Dogg, and many more. They were to form the basis of the ‘Cabaret of Fools’ and ‘Big Brother Cabaret’ tours later that year

April - Signed a recording contract with Illuminated Records, and recorded ‘One Good Reason/Cinnamon Garden’ at the Workhouse Studio for a single release.

May - Synth Ethics joins the band as keyboards and vocals, Tom ‘tom’ Barwood takes charge of live sound and Martin Goldschmidt (later to run Cooking Vinyl Records) sorts out business.

August – Mark Dunn takes over bass duties and second Illuminated single recorded at ICC in Eastbourne, ’Happy Now/Cream Dream’

Tour for the rest of the year


1984 - Jan 12th – Feb 2nd snowed in at Foel Studios, Welshpool, recording ‘Songs of Praise’. Martin Heath the latest bass player

August – Original Poison Girl drummer, Lance d’Boyle, leaves the band



2nd Verse/Chorus



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